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Expansion Cutting

Known as Control Cutting or Expansion Cutting, this Cutting is for the Expansion or Control Joints in green Concrete freshly poured or layed Concrete. We still use Diamond Tipped Saw Blades for this job. The idea is to Cut the Concrete early at multiple internals to try and stop the random cracking and relieve the internal stressing caused by shrinking and Expansion of the Concrete.

The Problem

Facing Concrete contractors is the random cracking. It is the most costly and aggravating. It is particularly troubling and it immediately cast doubt on the quality of the Concrete. Also the Concreter leading to dissatisfaction and callbacks and disputes.

The Solution

Saw Cut it early which Controls the random cracking. By cracking through the early Saw Cut Joints. This is the best method to Control the problem of unsightly cracking and disappoint of the customer

Quick Cut Concrete Cutting

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